Trade Promotion

Spend less. Get more.

Brands executing trade promotions through Inmar spend 20% less.
On average, brands executing trade promotions through us spend 20% less while driving 30% more incremental volume.

With Inmar ScanApps, you can execute fair, effective and equitable trade promotions with retailer partners on a national, regional or by-team basis. Even if you spend less, ScanApps can drive more incremental volume at participating accounts — with +100% price pass-through efficiency.

ScanApps brings strategic discipline and immediate visibility to your trade promotions. Direct involvement by ScanApps lets you deploy trade funds based on a retailer's validated performance and ensure trade dollars are spent ONLY on specified UPCs.
Inmar can help eliminate spending on non-performance promotions UPCs.


Inmar helps eliminate spending on forward-buy promotions.


Inmar helps eliminate spending on slippage.


Inmar helps eliminate spend due to diversion.


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Key Services Available Include:
Key services available from Inmar include promotion development.

Promotion Development

Key services available from Inmar include promotion planning.


Key services available from Inmar include cost/volume projections.

Cost/Volume Projection

Key services available from Inmar include promotions modeling services

Modeling Services

Additionally, ScanApps can help with:

  • Penny-for-penny price reductions
  • Incremental funding deployment
  • Feature and/or display events
  • New item launches
  • List price reductions
  • Rapid competitive responses
  • Soft or hard conversions
  • Discontinued item markdowns
  • Inventory reductions
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