We are expert at helping retailers operate more profitably and collaborate more effectively with trading partners.

Inmar’s solutions empower retailers to engage shoppers, reduce unsaleables, maximize receivables, drive growth, and deliver improved patient care.

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Third-Party Pharmacy Reconciliation

Rx Reconciliation manages claims and payment reconciliation services for retail pharmacies. Our solution improves reimbursement, profitability and payer compliance through claims reconciliation, exception workflow management, and business intelligence. With comprehensive reporting, auditing and liability tracking, we position companies to reduce costs, manage risk and maximize revenue.

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Online Rebates

Brands looking to grow sales and increase potential for repeat purchases can use Inmar’s submitter-friendly, online rebates solution to reward recent purchases and capture critical consumer data to inform future promotions.

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Returns Management Software

Inmar’s web-based Returns Management application lets you put processing capabilities wherever you need them in your supply chain, according to your specific needs. Choose to process returns at retail, in a distribution center or at Inmar’s strategically located returns facilities. Manage your business dynamics through Inmar’s flexible, powerful business rules engine. Dashboards give you the ability to monitor activity and key metrics from anywhere.

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Processing and Settlement for Retailers

Retailers can achieve optimum cash flow while recouping the cost of coupons by relying on Inmar’s processing and settlement solution. And, it all happens with total invoicing transparency. One-count and two-count processing options, along with flexible invoicing, allow retailers to maintain effective coupon cost management and promotion program accountability while adhering to business rules and meeting trading partner requirements

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Product Safety and Recall Management Solution (RASMAS)

RASMAS streamlines recall workflow through comprehensive notification, distribution, organization, and management of healthcare product alerts and recalls. It helps reduce legal risk, improve patient safety, simplify regulatory reporting, and enhance the recall management process.

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Store Offer Management

Retailers can employ Inmar’s store offer management solution for comprehensive execution of store offers (“in-ads”). All aspects of this promotion strategy are fully enabled – from offer set-up through processing and settlement. Retailer promotion programming is further enhanced through redemption data capture and offer performance analysis.

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Rx Contract Management

Drive profitability, contracted rate compliance and favorable contract negotiations through business analytics, detailed metrics and automated exceptions monitoring. Position yourself for success in value-based reimbursement through measuring quality at the contract level, forecasting DIR fees, modeling financial upsides and downsides of different scenarios, and pinpointing which patients need what services.

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Promotion Analytics

Brands can rely on Inmar to identify opportunities — event-by-event and market-by-market— for optimizing their promotion spend and driving conversion. Employing a holistic, client-centered approach, Inmar focuses on coordinating coupon programming to align with, and strategically support, overall marketing strategy.

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Rx Audit Management

Streamline the payer audit response process, improves results and enables preemptive risk mitigation through predictive analytics and audit intelligence. Our web app enables pharmacies to manage audits from pharmacy payers through a workflow process designed to quantify audits, identify impacted claims, and negotiate and manage take-backs.

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Shopper Analytics

Clients needing data-based insights into shopper behavior can use Inmar’s shopper analytics to develop easily executable marketing strategies for driving incremental sales. Brands and retailers, with direct assistance from Inmar, are positioned to significantly enhance their marketing efforts and successfully engage targeted shoppers in store, in print and online.

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