Inmar helps manufacturers build and protect brands.

Our solutions empower manufacturers to engage shoppers, drive incremental sales, reduce unsaleables, improve product performance and mitigate risk.

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Invoice Management Application

With Inmar’s Invoice Management Application vendors can issue Return Authorizations and product disposition instructions online, quickly search for and retrieve new invoices and receive email notification regarding invoices awaiting authorization.

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Claims Processing Application

Streamline the reimbursement process through timely processing and payment and ensure policy is applied fairly and consistently across all customers. Claims Processing enables you to capture information to the SKU level of detail, apply your policy and analyze the results. In the end, returns management is no longer a necessary evil—it is a strategic advantage.

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Returns Analytics Application

Seeing the data helps you drive operating efficiencies, reduce returns and improve asset recovery by leveraging a vast repository of data, insight and industry best practices. You’ll have unprecedented access to information through flexible drill-down technology that allows data to be viewed at every level – corporate-wide or a specific location to help you identify source reduction opportunities, see trends, address variances in returns practices and more.

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Returns Processing

Leading manufacturers and retailers maximize efficiency and minimize cost through Inmar’s facilities or Inmar’s network.

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Returns Management Full Service Solution

Inmar’s web-based Returns Management application lets you put processing capabilities wherever you need them in your supply chain, according to your specific needs. Choose to process returns at retail, in a distribution center or at Inmar’s strategically located returns facilities. Manage your business dynamics through Inmar’s flexible, powerful business rules engine. Dashboards give you the ability to monitor activity and key metrics from anywhere.

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Shopper Analytics

Clients needing data-based insights into shopper behavior can use Inmar’s shopper analytics to develop easily executable marketing strategies for driving incremental sales. Brands and retailers, with direct assistance from Inmar, are positioned to significantly enhance their marketing efforts and successfully engage targeted shoppers in store, in print and online.

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Retail Analytics

Clients working with Inmar’s retail analytics group receive strategic guidance on assortment, pricing and promotion as a means to increase efficiency throughout the extended value chain while growing shopper loyalty and basket size. Retailers are empowered to develop comprehensive, competitive programs that attract and retain targeted shoppers while optimizing the sales floor.

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Market Analytics

Brands and retailers now have the opportunity to assess the combined expertise of Inmar and Willard Bishop, an Inmar Analytics company, to create performance-based strategies that work for the supply side as well as for the demand side. Willard Bishop’s extensive manufacturer expertise and deep retailer knowledge represent key resources that trading partners can leverage to identify and quantify opportunities throughout the value chain. Integrating broad-based analytics with strategic cost modeling, Inmar delivers critical insight into where people are shopping and what they are buying — as well as identifying what categories, items and brands are providing the greatest returns.

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Inmar Center for Brand Excellence

The Inmar Center for Brand Excellence provides small-to-midsize consumer product manufacturers with data-driven solutions for strategic business growth. The Center is a unique solution-source for emerging brands; providing them the data, tools and strategies they need to take full advantage of new and unprecedented growth opportunities developing in today’s marketplace.

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Pharmaceutical Recalls

Our professional recall consulting, planning and regulatory services and end-to-end recall execution services guide companies through all the steps of a recall event, helping minimize impact through comprehensive process optimization, notification/response, product retrieval, compliant disposition and performance analytics for regulatory reporting and process improvement.

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