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with consumers in control, we help brands rethink their value proposition to drive top line growth.

Capturing growth across channels in mature markets has always required a deep understanding of the manufacturer-retailer-consumer relationship. Understanding that relationship — and leveraging it for business success — has never been more complex than in today's digital marketplace. However, the emergence of omni-channel marketing and the advent of the ubiquitously-consumer are creating new opportunities for manufacturers, both online and offline. 

Inmar's full-service suite of analytics, shopper engagement and reverse logistics tools help brands identify hidden growth opportunities and develop goal-specific roadmaps for capitalizing on these trends and, ultimately, driving top line growth.


Learn how we combine proprietary data and tech-enabled tools to reach, nurture and grow your audience.

Inmar Intelligent Media Solutions

Given our proprietary access to millions of data points — from direct retail POS integrations and loyalty card data, to our vast collection of segmented social audiences, and more — we are uniquely enabled to derive optimal value for your investment with our Intelligent Media Solutions.

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Inmar Influencer Solution

Democratize your brand's message through the voice of influential content creators, and leverage our decade of experience facilitating these relationships, designing custom campaigns and measuring performance.

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Conversational Commerce

Enable 1:1, personalized conversations with your customers using sophisticated, AI-driven chatbots. We create custom Conversational Commerce activations from the ground up, and incorporate our deep experience driving consumers towards a purchase, both online and offline (with or without the inclusion of an offer or rebate).

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Leverage offers, rebates and rewards to drive profitable volume growth

Provide timely incentives to customers using our vast promotions network, unmatched targeting capabilities and collection of cross channel solutions.

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Digital Promotions Network

Activate your brand's custom offers within our Digital Promotions Network (DPN), through which you can reach over 30MM active loyalty shoppers across all classes of trade. Our diverse expansive network of retailers, combined with our rich, historical promotions dataset, advanced targeting capabilities and real-time optimization techniques, ensures your activations achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

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Rebates Solutions

Our Digital, Mobile and Traditional Rebates products provide flexible, end-to-end solutions for incentivizing your customers. Through a variety of mediums, our Rebates offerings allow you not only to drive sales, but also to increase consumer engagement and enhance CRM capabilities. 

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Receipt Rewards Solutions

We are partnering with multiple retailers to deliver targeted messaging at point-of-sale, directly on the front of paper receipts. Employing full images, text and coupon barcodes, our targeted receipt messaging allows brands to instantly reach millions of shoppers.

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Know your shopper's behavior with your brand and within your category more intimately

Brand Analytics Solutions

Understanding consumer behavior with your products, across your category and within different online and offline environments requires more than just access to data. Our AI-driven tools pair with human intelligence and unmatched data sets to identify new opportunities for your brand, map your shopper's journey and quantify the impact of your activations.

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make more informed decisions utilizing real-time promotion, shopper and social insights

Deepen your understanding of shopper behavior and enhance your shopper activation strategies through direct engagement with Inmar Analytics.

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Inmar Promotion Analytics

Brands can rely on Inmar to identify opportunities — event-by-event and market-by-market — for optimizing their promotion spend and driving conversion. Employing a holistic, client-centered approach, Inmar focuses on coordinating coupon programming to align with, and strategically support, overall marketing strategy.

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Inmar Shopper Analytics

Develop a deeper understanding of your shoppers' behaviors, leveraging Inmar's Shopper Analytics to develop easily executable marketing strategies for driving incremental sales. Brands, with direct assistance from Inmar, are positioned to significantly enhance their marketing efforts and successfully engage targeted shoppers in store, in print and online.

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Power your brand's consumer-facing narrative with the help of PrescriptiveIQTM, Inmar's proprietary social research platform. We synthesize social listening and search data from dozens of consumer touchpoints, and provide valuable insights that culminate in useful, on-brand recommendations. PrescriptiveIQTM leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Visual Recognition Technology to identify the most meaningful trends within your category and among its consumers.

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Not available in Canada

gain maximum benefit from your consumer promotions investments

Manufacturers can realize maximum benefit from their coupon activations through Inmar's full-service coupon processing and settlement solution.

coupon settlement solutions for us and canada manufacturers

Manufacturers who rely on Inmar for coupon clearing derive optimal value from their paper and digital promotions through expedient financial settlement, rigorous fraud mitigation and extensive data capture and analysis. Additional services, including redemption monitoring, barcode generation and family code maintenance, are available to help manufacturers realize the greatest possible ROI from their coupon programs.

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reduce waste and stretch your trade budgets

Efficient execution of in-store programs unlocks incremental value that can be deployed for more programs or passed on to shoppers.

inmar scanner applications

We ensure trade dollars don't go to waste by validating retailer performance and managing the brand/retailer relationship. Inmar's Scanner Applications is a full-service solution that validates retailer performance and limits trade spending only to actual units sold. On average, clients reduce spending by 20% and drive 30% more incremental volume.

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Optimize supply chain efficiency and extract more value from reverse logistics operations

As a trusted intermediary between brands and retailers, Inmar implements collaborative programs to optimize supply chain performance and streamline returns and recalls for maximum cost savings.

Inmar Reverse Logistics

Reducing waste and mitigating risk within your supply chain is vital for protecting your bottom line. At Inmar, our solutions optimize supply chain efficiency and security by evaluating performance, streamlining returns and liquidation, and enabling compliant disposition of hazardous and recalled products. Ask us how we can help you evaluate your business and drive out inefficiencies.

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Take advantage of our easy-to-use, self-service barcode generation solution to help ensure your business operates with maximum efficiency.

Inmar has been a trusted source for barcode images for more than 15 years. So we know, first hand, how important it is for you to have immediate access to the barcodes you need for your packaging, shipping, inventory and sales functions.

And to make that access even easier, we’ve launched

With this unique online barcode generator you can instantly create high-resolution, vector images, delivered in an .EPS file format, that are fully compatible with all the leading graphic design software programs. Our site’s guided menu will walk you through each step for generating the standards-compliant barcodes you need.

It’s never been easier to generate barcodes.


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