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What really matters in retail today?

Recently, our own Spencer Baird sat down (remotely) with Progressive Grocer’s Mike Troy to talk about digital transformation, a focus on outcomes, and more. The conversation covered wide-ranging questions and answers about where retail has been, where it’s going, and what really matters.

As you’re asking yourself, “How can a retail media network help us achieve our goals?” you should also read the full interview to see what other questions retailers should be asking themselves in 2021 and beyond. 

What experts are saying about Retail Media Networks


“We expect media networks will become a standard part of retailer revenue profiles, just like private-label brands and loyalty programs.”


Forrester Report: Retailers You’re The Next Media Moguls, Sucharita Kodali, February 21, 2020

What experts are saying about Retail Media Networks


“There's also a real move toward data that is tied closer and closer to the point of purchase … if you want purchase data, it is still largely in bricks and mortar.”


Joel Percy, Global Head of Business Consulting at ciValue, on a panel at the National Retail Federation's Big Show



What experts are saying about Retail Media Networks


“...ad revenues act as a path to growth [for retailers], and Amazon’s ad business is proof that it can be achieved.”


Why Retailer are Getting Into into Digital Media,
eMarketer Nov 5, 2019


What experts are saying about Retail Media Networks


"You can buy the media and watch the directed attribution in the same marketplace and because of that people can prove the value of the money they’re spending. That’s why people are excited about these other retail opportunities.”


Eric Heller
Executive VP of Marketplace Services,Wunderman Thompson Commerce

What experts are saying about Retail Media Networks


"...some of the largest CPG companies are now rethinking how they work with their biggest retailers, and viewing them as much as potential marketing platforms as sales channels.”


To help ward off Amazon, CPG advertisers are seeking data relationships with retailers.
Digiday, Nov 20, 2020

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