Promotion Planning & Optimization

Drive the greatest possible ROI across promotion methods.

You can rely on us to identify opportunities — event-by-event and market-by-market — that optimize your promotion spend and drive conversion. Employing a holistic, client-centered approach, we make sure your coupon programming aligns with — and strategically supports — your overall marketing strategy. Our promotion analytics team can help you develop, execute and measure consumer promotion efforts that optimize your spend. We'll determine the "what," "how" and "how much" that attracts shoppers, drives redemption, grows share and stretches your budget.

promotion analytics redemption drivers

we explore all potential redemption drivers so you have the information you need to:

  • Create enhanced offers
  • Choose appropriate promotion methods
  • Ensure you're reaching targeted shoppers at the right place and time
  • Come away with the method and media mix that makes offers work
get answers to your questions with promotion analytics

you'll also get answers to the following questions — and more:

  • Who's really buying my product?
  • What influences shopper decision-making?
  • What barriers need to be overcome?
  • What offers/promotional content will drive conversion?

Improve the effectiveness of your total trade marketing spend.

Trade promotion inefficiencies cost CPG companies hundreds of millions of dollars every year. We're the only company that combines advanced consumer purchase behavior analytics with a targeted digital promotion overlay — to deliver optimized trade spending efficiencies. Integrated Demand Spend Optimization (IDSO) gives you a way to reduce significantly — or eliminate — unwanted subsidies of base volume and sales from your trade promotion program.

IDSO lets you take full advantage of the incremental volume from "hot" deals without giving away margin to full-price purchasers. It provides CPGs improved profitability and trade promotion productivity, along with strong incremental volume.

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