Influencer Product

our product philosophy: organic content and paid media amplification work hand-in-hand.

Our Influencer Marketing solution has been tested and proven by thousands of brands and retailers over the course of more than a decade. Utilizing embedded technology in influencers' social accounts and blog sites we have developed algorithms that determine the most fitting creators for your campaign, and the Inmar Intelligence retail data ecosystem is activated to amplify content, measure performance and attribute success. 

Step Two:

Influencers Create Content

Content is created by our community of thoroughly vetted influencers, each hand-selected to match your unique campaign objectives and audience target(s). Influencers create and publish original content across the most relevant platforms and share their content on multiple channels to maximize organic reach. All content created for your campaign backed by our brand safety guarantee!

Step Three:

Content Amplification

Original content is published on influencer sites and social channels, where organic views begin to occur. Organic content performance data is collected, analyzed and used to optimize media targeting and amplification. Each activity occurring during your campaign drives downstream decisions, builds data on various audience segments and feeds our ability to maximize exposure and engagement.

Step Four:

Report and Analyze Outcomes

Performance is not measured by the number of "potential" viewers of your content, or by inflated reporting that claims credit for success caused by other marketing vehicles. We only report third-party verified activities taking place as result of your influencers' content, and utilize comprehensive transaction logs to measure and analyze the impact of your campaign on in-store and online sales.


Outside of amazing blog content, Instagram posts, YouTube videos and TikTok content, we can also create custom solutions for your campaign needs. Our team of developers can create a custom website to house content, rebates or sweepstakes, and our in-house production studio can shoot, edit and fully produce stills and videos.

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