One solution processes all e-commerce and omnichannel returns, while informing your clients about the reasons, disposition, and recovery value of their returned merchandise. Benefit from a single flexible solution delivering common outcomes regardless of source, while capturing item-level intelligence.

Improve Productivity & Profitability

  • Reduce headcount and cost per return while increasing the rate of returns processing
  • Eliminate burden on IT, infrastructure costs, and fees for maintenance and upgrades
  • Gain lost margin through optimal, intelligence-based product disposition

Greater Insights & Visibility

  • Benefit from custom rules engines and decision trees to optimize value recovery
  • 230 return attributes in 13 key categories for rules-based decision trees
  • Monitor performance by user and/or SKU

Improved Customer Service

  • Maximize uptime
  • Continuously monitored — 24/7/365

Rapid Time-to-Value

  • Easily integrated with “plug-and-play” APIs
  • Intuitive solution comes with systems training and support

Lower Costs through Data Collection, Configurable Rules Engines, and Efficient Sorting

  • Data collection begins by prompting the user for specific attributes that can be configured down to the SKU level
  • Configurable business rules control the final disposition for each item based on known and observed inputs
  • Incorporate efficient sorting practices, including Simple Box, Sort Grouping, and Reprocess Grouping