Solve returns challenges for your retail customers with a white-labelled, market-leading digital returns proposition.

We help carriers solve important returns challenges for their retailer customers and consumers through a market-leading digital returns proposition.

Digital returns portal

Digital returns portal



Location finder

Location finder

Branded consumer communications

Branded consumer communications

Management information for retailers

Management information for retailers

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Management portal

Digital returns portal: Bring your offline processes online and give consumers a better experience.



  • Solution that scales from smallest to largest merchant
  • Fully self-service for the carrier and the merchant
  • One platform to see all of your merchant performance in one place


  • Improved NPS with seamless, co-branded journey
  • Suite of revenue recovery options, turning cost of sales into revenue driver
  • Easy to integrate via e-commerce platform, snippet, or API

End Consumer

  • Slick, paperless journey allowing consumer to book their return
  • Simple tracking page and tracking updates
  • Additional convenience with digital exchanges & returns pick-up


Customer Journey

Inmar’s Returns Portal allows consumers to book returns from a retailer’s website, app, or chat service. Then, Inmar’s rules engine determines how and when the item(s) will be returned.

phone 1

Customer decides to return


They select which items to return online

phone 3

Reason codes captured

phone 4

Customer selects return location

phone 5

QR code received or option to print label

phone 6

Customer receives confirmation email