Increase productivity, enhance the workplace environment and safely dispose of controlled substance waste.

Physical Pharmacy Inventory Services

Inmar has long standing relationship with Capital Inventory, leaders in hospital pharmacy inventory counting and valuation. Our clients benefit from timely third-party physical inventory audits and detailed fiscal reports. Pre-inventory interview ensures proper report locations and separate reports for specialty products.

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Commercial Matting Solutions – Floor Mats

Customizable floor mats for virtually any application in your facilities. We help you choose the right solution for every area based to meet your objectives: increase branding, help with cleanliness, or enhance worker comfort and safety. Our mats are built with the latest technology and materials to ensure durability.

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Consumer Drug Take-Back Program

Patient disposal of unused medications today takes many forms, from flushing down the toilet or pouring in the drain, to throwing in the garbage, or worse. More often than not, the end result is damage to our environment, drug diversion or the drug being abused by others.

Most patients are unaware of drug take-back options, and those that are often don’t know where to find one in their community. They are looking for a convenient and easy way to properly dispose of surplus medications and to healthcare professionals for solutions to drug misuse and abuse in epidemic proportions.

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