RxTransparent technology enhances Inmar’s portfolio in pharmacy supply chain

Successfully attaining, and maintaining, regulatory compliance demands robust, data-driven platforms. To navigate, you need a strategic partner.

Inmar’s acquisition of RxTransparent added two new solutions to its healthcare portfolio — DSCSA and USP <800> for pharmacy compliance regulations. Rx pharmacy purchasing data is integrated, or connected into other Inmar solutions — like OneRecall, Inmar’s recall management solution. This DSCSA/Rx Recall Connector uses seamless data sharing to streamline the recall process, boosting compliance management for Inmar’s pharmacy clients.

DSCSA Pharmacy Compliance Illustration

DSCSA Pharmacy Compliance

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USP <800> Pharmacy Compliance Illustration

USP <800> Pharmacy Compliance

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DSCSA/Rx Recall Connector Illustration

DSCSA/Rx Recall Connector

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