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Inmar aggregates tremendous volumes of data every year across a host of sources and through multiple, varied operations executed on behalf of organizations throughout the public and private spectrum. This data is securely stored, accessed as appropriate and is the informational foundation for Inmar’s advanced analytics function.

Inmar sources data from:

  • Retailer point-of-sale (POS)
  • Primary research
  • Pharmacy dispensing systems
  • Product returns processing and handling
  • Promotion processing settlement
  • Rx returns management

Using the most advanced techniques to carefully and appropriately mine this information, the Inmar Analytics team distills actionable insights on behalf of agencies and organizations served by Inmar that enable these groups to improve processes, optimize systems and enhance audience engagement – all while increasing overall cost-efficiency.

What we quantify through our analytics:

  • Shopper behavior – both in-store and online
  • Prescription use and medication adherence
  • Promotion use and impact on purchasing power
  • Shopping basket product composition
  • Nutritional purchase trends

Inmar clients that make full use of the analytics provided and that leverage all of the services and support available from the Inmar Analytics team can position themselves for greater organizational and programmatic success.

How our advanced data analytics can assist agencies:

  • Better understand and employ elements of effective constituent engagement
  • Measure and leverage constituent engagement with technology
  • Incent healthier purchase behavior by individuals and families served
  • Assess organizational and program success across multiple KPIs
  • Gain greater visibility into budget expenditures and anomalies

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