Target and engage known consumers with a personalized, single-use link.

The same level of shopper-specific engagement that’s currently driving the success of digital coupons is also available for rebates.

With our personalized rebates solution:
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Manufacturers can develop and deliver personalized, single-use rebate offers that target individual customers — at scale.

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Marketers can easily and strategically leverage their consumer and customer databases to create engaging, individualized rebate offers that are targeted to specified end-users — based on unique purchase histories, personal data or other relevant opt-in information.

Each offer is delivered to a specifically identified consumer via email or SMS, and contains a unique link — only available to them — to a branded, pre-populated, user-friendly submission page. Built-in security helps ensure financial liability control by limiting access to these offers.

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With our personalized rebate solution:

  • Shoppers can be selected for engagement from an existing CRM database or opt-ins captured during previous rebate submission processing. 
  • Offers are structured following the client's business rules and can be segmented using multiple criteria including product type, rebate value and redemption period. 
  • Online submission processes can be used to develop more complete shopper profiles that enhance future marketing efforts.
  • Customer care teams can provide more secure, high-value offers to help resolve consumer-relations issues.
  • Analytics for the targeted offers provide insight into submitter preferences and response behaviors.

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Please note this solution is currently being developed for Canada.

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