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Introducing LifeInCheck™ EBT. Now it's possible to have an EBT processor who's both responsive and innovative.


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Inmar Government Services is dedicated to innovating government assistance programs through next-generation, cloud-based payment processing technology. Competitive processing platforms were developed over 20 years ago - and in 20 years, technology has changed tremendously. LifeInCheck EBT was designed and developed by EBT experts that know what your State needs and how Inmar can positively impact the lives of EBT cardholders.


Meaning greater system stability, reliability, and no hindrances to accommodate mobile payment innovations. Our solution was designed from the ground-up solely for EBT processing - not outdated, retrofitted competitive platforms held together by system patches. Choose a processor investing in new technology because your State needs the best to do its best.


Cloud Core Platform Features

cloud base processing ebt

Cloud-Based Processing

Deliver more reliable system uptimes and the ability to scale rapidly.

modular architecture

Modular Architecture

Implement system updates and changes faster with lower operation interruption risk.

ebt business intelligence dashboard

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Pull impactful statistics, reduce fraud, and measure outcomes using your data.

Streamlined User Interface

Streamlined User Interface

Easily navigate and access frequently used administrative tools.

Enhanced Client Engagement

Enhanced Client Engagement

Interact with clients through app messaging and push notifications.

Innovative Platform Features

Benefit Balances and Transactions

Benefit Balances and Transactions

View in real-time what's remaining in EBT program balance

Digital Incentives

Digital Coupons

Save money through easy-to-find incentives stretching EBT cardholder monthly benefits

Prescription Discount Card

Prescription Discount Card

Save money on monthly prescriptions to re-allocate savings towards feeding EBT cardholder families

Nutritional Engagement

Nutritional Engagement

Scan products providing easy-to-understand scores and explanations to positively influence EBT cardholder lifestyles

Cardless EBT


Spend benefits using the LifeInCheck EBT mobile application reducing EBT cardholder stigma

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