Kiss Unstructured Data Goodbye. Automate Your Data Processing & Management

Data Transformation is a document processing, data standardization and analytics solution that unlocks valuable new insights from ALL of your information — not just the information that’s easy to access.

We work with Fortune 5000 companies to capture and analyze data within their invoices, billing documents, contracts, etc. to:

  • Better understand where their money is (and isn’t) generating value
  • Improve their financial forecasting and budgeting
  • Improve billing efficiency and accuracy
  • Find new ways to generate revenue and drive long-term profitability
  • Free up their teams for higher-value work, by taking over any manual data entry


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A glance at what our solution can do for you.



Data Transformation captures information from your vendor invoices to provide a comprehensive view of your spending, improve invoice processing efficiency, and identify opportunities for greater deductions management.



Data Transformation standardizes data across billing or accounting systems, to provide a single source of truth that accurately measures the financial health of your company. This data can be dense and complex, so we provide high-level data visualizations AND the ability to drill down into the details.


Data Transformation captures data from your corporate contracts, and alerts you of upcoming terminations or renewals — enabling better monthly forecasts and client re-engagement.


The versatility of Inmar’s Data Transformation solution is what makes it unique. It serves as:

  • Data analytics tools
  • Data visualization tool
  • Document processing solution
  • Data management system
  • Data integration tools
  • Data imaging solution
  • Document processing automation
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Document data extraction
  • Data processing services
  • Automatic data entry software
  • Data processing unit
  • Big data processing software
  • Data collection tool


Whether you are performing contract management, contract analytics, invoice management or something as simple (but time-consuming) as data entry, Data Transformation can be applied to almost any industry where data standardization and normalization are required.

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How Does Data Transformation Work?

How Inmar Data Transformation Works

How Inmar Data Transformation Works

Inmar’s Data Transformation solution:

  • Captures and validates data from unstructured digital and physical files
  • Normalizes the validated data with other sources
  • Feeds the data back into your operational workflow
  • Applies data science to give you insights that drive new value for your company


Here are just some of the benefits of Inmar’s Data Transformation solution.

  1. Combines data from multiple sources (data integrations)
  2. Complex data processing made simple
  3. Drives efficiency using advanced computer vision and contextual analysis
  4. Indexes and organizes without the need for document pre-sorting
  5. Delivers immediate ROI without expensive professional services resources

If you want to increase your team’s productivity, improve your process efficiency, or identify opportunities to drive new revenue, Data Transformation is the key that will unlock the value currently trapped inside your data. It’s time to say “hello” to data-based decisions and “goodbye” to assumption-based decisions.