Consumer Shopping Behavior is Changing

The path to purchase is no longer linear. Consumers visit different platforms, use different planning apps, and browse at varying touch points along their path before making a purchase. But purchase isn't happening when a user sees an ad on Instagram for a product they just mentioned to a friend in conversation. Consumer demand shows the need for personalized, meaningful interaction with a brand. 


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50% of GenZ Shoppers

have purchased directly by clicking on a post or by or later down the funnel from an Influencer's endorsement

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Consumers are online

62% of people made e-commerce purchases in the last six months across grocery, beauty, apparel, and entertainment categories.

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The kitchen is digital

While searching for a recipe, 39% of consumers make a purchase.

Blur the lines between browsing and buying with our Add-to-Cart feature

The Add-to-Cart content implementation enables seamless purchases of individual items or entire solutions with a single click. By removing boundaries and reducing steps required as consumers move from content discovery to buying mode, this solution helps you maximize purchase of your product and build larger baskets.


We offer the flexibility to include add-to-cart functionality across multiple platforms, ad units and calls-to-action


Case Study: Family Movie Night for Major Studio Release

For a major release a movie studio wanted to drive online purchase for its film during the COVID-19 pandemic, and partnered with a CPG food brand to encourage the inclusion of creative snacks to enhance the movie night experience. To inspire shoppers, Influencers shared how they recreated the theater experience at home, accompanied by the perfect movie and snacks for a comfy night at home.

Instagram Influencers shared multiple Story posts highlighting their evening, each including a 'Swipe Up' feature that drove users directly from their engaging content to a pre-loaded cart on their favorite retailer's site or app, including both the movie and snack item.


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