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Our comprehensive suite of retail solutions are purpose built to enable retailers to engage shoppers and drive sales in the front of the store, while also maximizing efficiency and cash flow throughout back office operations. Through our data-driven technology, Inmar delivers retailer- centric solutions that provide the tools you need to drive sales, maximize revenue and streamline operations.

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Reverse Logistics Solutions

Explore reverse supply chain solutions that reduce costs, streamline operations and maximize product value. Flexible, scalable and market tested—our capabilities are unmatched. Save time and money by taking control of your returns today. 

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Shopper Engagement Solutions

Unleash the power of a robust, flexible and holistic engagement platform, built from the ground up to help retailers thrive in any environment. Customizable, end-to-end solutions make it easy to create meaningful experiences that build loyalty, drive sales and boost your bottom line.

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Chain Pharmacy Solutions

Manage complexity, overcome challenges and unlock opportunities with a comprehensive suite of retail solutions. Discover how our industry-leading programs help optimize performance, mitigate risk and drive profitability, while improving healthy outcomes for customers.

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Take advantage of our easy-to-use, self-service barcode generation solution to help ensure your business operates with maximum efficiency.

Inmar has been a trusted source for barcode images for more than 15 years. So we know, first hand, how important it is for you to have immediate access to the barcodes you need for your packaging, shipping, inventory and sales functions.

And to make that access even easier, we’ve launched

With this unique online barcode generator you can instantly create high-resolution, vector images, delivered in an .EPS file format, that are fully compatible with all the leading graphic design software programs. Our site’s guided menu will walk you through each step for generating the standards-compliant barcodes you need.

It’s never been easier to generate barcodes.


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