RxTransparent DSCSA Pharmacy Compliance

Prepare your pharmacy operations for DSCSA Dispenser Requirements and stay compliant

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$75 billion
Counterfeit drugs cost the global pharma industry $75 billion a year

Compliance with DSCSA means you have to be able to trace the full transaction history of every medication that passes through your pharmacy. We can help you save time, become compliant and protect your business.
Achieving compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act is only getting more urgent and failure to comply is not an option. But fully aligning pharmacy operations with the requirements of the Act represents an incredible challenge for most pharmacies.

That’s why we’re offering pharmacies our DSCSA Solution. This cloud-based, highly secure and scalable subscription service streamlines product tracing, optimizes transactional transparency and makes compliance easily executable, with minimal impact on daily operations. 


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  • Confirm that entities that you do business with are registered and licensed.
  • Keep the tracing information (T3) on each product for a minimum of 6 years.
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  • Provide Product Tracing Documentation within 48 hours of a request.
  • Report suspicious or illegitimate drug product within 24 hours of discovery.


This solution also interacts with USP <800> hazardous drugs assessment of risk and monitoring solution. 


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