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Our Central Pay Product Helps Independent Pharmacies Streamline Processes and Improve Speed of Payment

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Receiving payments from multiple payers — in many different formats and on many different payment cycles — is a challenge and expense for many independent pharmacies. The process inevitably leads to missed, misplaced or stolen checks that slow down the disbursement of funds.

Our Rx Central Pay is designed to help independent pharmacies receive aggregated payments and consolidated remittance details, across many different payers, from one central source.

It allows you to:
Inmar's Rx Central Pay allows your independent pharmacy to avoid the complexities of tracking payments.

Avoid the complexities of tracking payments

Inmar's Rx Central Pay allows you to improve the speed of payments.

Improve the speed of payments

Inmar's Rx Central Pay program is a trackable solution for payments.

Provide auditable tracking for payments

Reduce the possibility of misplaced checks, delayed deposits and employee theft with Inmar's Rx Central Pay program.

Reduce the possibility of misplaced checks, delayed deposits and employee theft

Inmar's Rx Central Pay program saves time and eliminates administrative costs for independent pharmacies.

Save time and eliminate the administrative costs associated with receiving paper checks, making deposits, and following up on check issues

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Inmar's Rx Central Pay program for independent pharmacies has several key features.

Features include:

  • Receipt of one consolidated payment for the entire Pharmacy Services Administration Organization (PSAO) or independent pharmacy group.
  • Delivery of EDI 835 remittance files from payers.
  • Payment disaggregation and initiation of ACH payments to individual stores within 24-48 hours.
  • Summary and detail reporting for all payment data.
  • Provision of 835 files that can be uploaded into dispensing systems or provided to reconciliation vendors.


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