Case Study

Optimizing Offer Mix for More Efficient Retailer Support

A multi-brand manufacturer enlists Inmar Promotion Analytics to reduce the quantity of its offers and create an effective strategy that meets the needs of all its brands across a variety of retail channels.

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2016 Inmar Shopper Promotion Impact Report

This report for 2016 informs a contextual understanding of the direct impact promotions have on shoppers and provides key metrics on coupon use across 22 major categories and nearly 200 subcategories.

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White Paper

Escheat Management – Essential to any Successful Rebate Program

A successful rebate program requires effective execution of, among other things, offer dissemination, fulfillment and data capture. At the same time, regulatory compliance – including strict adherence to statutes regarding escheat — must be maintained in order to avoid the negative consequences that could result from failure to meet current reporting and management requirements for abandoned property.

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