Case Study

Analytics in Action


A multi-brand CPG company purchased an established brand for their food-product portfolio. With limited knowledge of the acquired brand’s promotion history and the market dynamics of this particular category, the company needed data driven recommendations for consumer promotion tactics that would grow the brand without creating strain on budget.


Inmar Promotion Analytics was engaged and, as their first action step, initiated an analysis of the last five years of the food brand’s promotion history to spotlight key coupon redemption drivers. The Inmar team then designed and implemented a coupon coding strategy for the product in order to capture market-level redemption activity and uncover market-specific redemption trends. At the same time, Inmar’s Promotion Analytics team undertook an evaluation of key competitors’ promotion calendars and tactics and analyzed syndicated sales data to identify strategic markets and new promotion opportunities.


Through their analysis, Inmar Promotion Analytics was able to pinpoint more than 25 underserved and opportunity-rich markets. By including them in new promotion events, the brand has greatly improved the reach and effectiveness of their promotions – with many of these markets now among the brand’s top performers.

In addition, the Inmar team established new timing for promotion deployment as well as new creative messaging based on identified competitive activity gaps and consumer preferences. Discovery of notable differences in redemption volume and brand strength at the market level informed redistribution of optimized offer values and fresh design of product-focus promotion strategies. The resulting new annual plan for the brand proved to be more efficient and effective than previous, driving 30 percent more volume and growth compared to the prior year’s plan.

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