2015 Inmar Promotion Industry Analysis


Inmar’s publication – providing an analysis of the promotion space and related shopper behavior – is complete and copies are now available for download.

Inmar’s analysis of the promotion industry for 2015 reveals relative stability within the coupon sector. The top-line numbers, i.e. distribution, redemption, etc. were close to what the industry has been seeing for the past several years – no major shifts in either direction. Mirroring this steadiness in redemption is the continued interest in coupons among shoppers.

While the marketplace is stable right now, the ready availability of advanced solutions for addressing increasing shopper expectations is creating opportunity for material disruption and revenue growth – for those with the ability to deliver the right offer to the right consumer at the right time.

The 2015 Promotion Industry Analysis from Inmar provides greater insight into the current “state of the promotions” as well as shopper behavior — delivering rich data and a broad industry perspective.

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