Winston-Salem, NC, May 3, 2011

Inmar, provider of the most comprehensive network of solutions and services to help trading partners improve profitability, today announced the acquisition of M-Dot Network.  M-Dot has developed and deployed cost-effective, innovative, technology to facilitate the secure distribution and redemption of digital promotions.  This strategic acquisition removes obstacles that previously existed to deploy digital promotions and enables retailers, manufacturers and publishers to participate in digital promotions in a way they couldn’t previously. 
The M-Dot solution, which Inmar has combined with proprietary technology and named the Inmar Digital Promotions Network™, leverages existing in-store infrastructure to securely redeem paperless coupons at checkout, in real-time.
“Consumers love coupons,” said Inmar Chief Executive Officer David Mounts. “They consistently redeem over three billion every year.  They also love their smartphones, iPads and other mobile gadgets.  That’s why retailers, brands and publishers have been eager for a truly paperless solution.  But, until now, there just hasn’t been a way to facilitate secure distribution and redemption of digital incentives without incurring significant in-store capital costs.  M-Dot is a breakthrough digital solution not only because it’s reliable and secure, but also because it can be readily adopted by the vast majority of retailers with a lower investment than ever before.”
“Brands and retailers have trusted Inmar to enable – and account for – their promotions for over 30 years,” explained Inmar President of Promotion Services Bob Carter. “The Inmar Digital Promotions Network is a logical extension of our capabilities.  And, the open architecture of our new network ensures that publishers can quickly and cost-effectively deliver secure digital offers to an eager marketplace.” 
The founder of M-Dot Network, Bill Catania, has been named Inmar’s Vice President of Retail Networks and will lead the company’s charge to enable retailers through the Inmar Digital Promotions Network. “I’m excited to build out our retailer network. By joining with Inmar, we have a very strong value proposition for retailers and I’m confident that the Inmar solution will make widespread use of digital coupons a reality.”
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