Winston-Salem, NC, November 13, 2018

Today, Inmar announced that it has acquired Innovative Return Concepts (IRC), a provider of returns management software and product processing that serves the grocery sector. The acquisition provides a new layer of service capability to Inmar’s grocery supply chain clients and expands the level of service that Inmar provides for grocers across North America.

“IRC has a strong history of providing solid returns management solutions in the grocery industry,” said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar. “By adding IRC’s unique capabilities to Inmar’s industry-leading returns management and supply chain solutions, Inmar has increased its scope of services in the marketplace. Strategically, our business models are very well aligned and will bring a great deal of value to retailers, grocers and the manufacturers they work with.”

Like Inmar’s technology and data analytics, IRC’s platform helps grocers track product returns and utilize data for insights that boost net sales, reduces cost and improves reverse logistics efficiency. In combination with Inmar’s current top-retailer, e-commerce and CPG client list, this acquisition positions Inmar with many of the top 10 grocers in the U.S.

“Combining IRC’s agile returns management services with Inmar’s nationwide facility network and regulatory expertise is a natural fit,” said Matt McHale, CEO of IRC. “We have always embraced our commitment to deliver progressive solutions to the industry, and believe this move forecasts an expanded program-wide service array that will produce superior returns management results for retailers and wholesalers across the U.S.”

IRC’s product returns solutions, such as in-store processing, full-service returns consolidation and manufacturer reporting, complement Inmar’s existing capabilities and will expand Inmar’s ability to improve its clients’ profitability and agility in a very dynamic segment of the supply chain.

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