MyRxCard Discount Program

A discount card for your patients. A revenue generator for your pharmacy.

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Patients spend an average $1 Billion on discount card admin fees.
patients spend an average $1 Billion on discount card admin fees
Average admin fee of $5.16 to $7.00 per prescription.
average admin fee of $5.16 to $7.00 per prescription

You don't like discount cards. And with good reason. That's why we created a program that benefits both your patients and your bottom line.

Inmar's Rx Discount Card program eliminates high fees that pharmacies pass on to their patients.

Other discount cards have:

  • High fees passed onto your patients.
  • Low margins that provide little to no profit.
  • No data or reporting options.


Adjusting your U&C pricing is risky:

  • Reversals create an electronic trail.
  • Potential liability and network concerns.

Use Inmar's MyRxCard to:

  • Generate incremental revenue by attracting and retaining cash customers.
  • Lower patient fees.
  • Increase margins.
  • Eliminate risk around U&C adjustment.
  • Receive industry reporting on the top programs’ fees, market share, gross profit and average Rx price by brand and generic.

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