InmarPay™ is the only omni channel payment solution with encryption technology that connects incentives, consumer purchase behavior, and payments to effectively and seamlessly drive consumer loyalty and increase profitability.

Supporting multi-channel payments 

Shoppers are making more purchases (than ever) through a variety of digital channels and using a broad range of cashless payment options to make those purchases. 

InmarPay™ empowers merchants to meet consumer demand for secure, contactless payment by providing them the capability to easily process transactions across all digital sales channels and handle all types of cashless and touchless payment methods. 

Maximizing payment cost efficiency

Limited visibility into interchange fees and other critical payment data can add unnecessary costs to payment processing and harm profitability.

Our solution provides optimum visibility into these processing costs, enabling merchants to make more cost-efficient decisions about their payment network.

Engaging more of your shoppers 

Purchase data is key to informing accurate and effective targeting of already active customers. 

Employing PCI-compliant encryption, InmarPay™ will give marketing teams a more comprehensive understanding of their shoppers based on their full purchase histories. Content and incentive delivery may become universal – and will not require that shoppers input a loyalty ID.

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