TraySafe™ automates the replenishment and tracking of medications used in pre-configured trays and kits.

Make it fast.
Make it right.
Make it safe.

TraySafe is the next-generation tray and kit replenishment solution.  It automates tray replenishment, tracks expiration and lot information, and allows the pharmacy to control and track the distribution of inventory.

The solution can be deployed via the cloud, virtual machines, or locally hosted.  Be assured your IT staff can have it their way!  In addition, TraySafe doesn’t require any interfaces to other systems so getting up and running is very straightforward.

Best of all, it ensures the tray is correctly configured with all material in the correct location in the tray – and it does all this without the use of expensive RFID tags.

Check out the study published in Pharmacy Purchasing and Products on the safety and efficiency gains TraySafe provided West Virginia University Hospitals.

View Pharmacy Purchasing and Products Study (PDF)


There are a number of challenges in hospital pharmacies when it comes to managing the trays and kits used throughout the hospital.  Replenishing trays and kits is an ongoing and daily process.  Further, critical events such as lot recalls, drug shortages, or visits from compliance organizations all drive additional requirements for the pharmacy.  Most times, the systems and processes in the pharmacy are not sufficiently routine or automated enough to make these occurrences non-events.

Replenishment Labor

TraySafe - In Pharmacy

Thirty minutes per set to refill

Additional rework due to errors

Configuration Safety

TraySafe - Configuration Safety

Right medication in correct pocket

Multitude of configurations


TraySafe - Compliance

Crash carts are audit magnets

Expiration control, lot control, disposal

TraySafe Solution

TraySafe is a next-generation solution that automates replenishment, safety, and tracking processes associated with trays and kits.  It improves efficiency of tray replenishment by 90% while simultaneously ensuring safety of every tray processed.  Pharmacists recognize that safety of the trays is even more important than the speed to replenish the trays – but TraySafe offers both safety and speed.  It is different from RFID based solutions since it uses imaging and standard 2D bar code labels.  This allows TraySafe to identify items that are misplaced in the tray in addition to identifying those that are missing.  Since we don’t rely on expensive RFID tags you avoid the cost of those supplies making the ROI on TraySafe better than other solutions available.


Reduced Labor

  • Pharmacist and Tech time to restock tray

Improved Compliance

  • Expiration Date Control
  • Lot number recall control
  • Image of tray stored for recall

Improved Safety

  • Ensures correct configuration
  • Reduces ADEs

Reduced Medication Cost

  • Address drug shortages
  • Lower par levels per tray

LEAN Pharmacy

  • Operations reporting to improve efficiency

Lower cost technology

  • No RFID tags

Simple & Effective Workflow

Ensure every tray is safely configured.  Track the whereabouts of all distributed inventory throughout the process including expiration dates and lot numbers.  TraySafe goes beyond replenishment and tracks the stock as it moves from central supply to the storage locations through the hospital.

In The Pharmacy

TraySafe - In The Pharmacy
  • Insert returned tray into TraySafe and initiate scan.
  • Review results of instant tray image and address items that need to be replaced.
  • TraySafe even determines if all items are properly placed in the correct location
  • Re-scan tray to confirm and approve complete configuration.
  • Print tray report and place inside wrapped tray ready for use.

Tray and contents are safe and ready for use.

On The Nursing Unit

TraySafe - Outside the Pharmacy
  • Scan tray identifier using handheld scanner.
  • Scan storage container identifier such as cart, cabinet or drawer.
  • When delivered to clinical location, user scans storage location code and storage container.

Location of tray and all contents tracked.

Scans entire tray and ensures safe configuration

Uses inexpensive & standard 2D labels

Enables real-time audit response

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