Increase top-line sales.

Store offers (“in ads”) provide an excellent alternative to temporary price reductions for increasing top-line sales and stretching the marketing budget. However, to recognize the benefits of employing this tactic, retailers must be able to set up offers, easily be assured of accurate coupon clearing and have the kind of visibility into offer performance that informs ROI assessment and future promotion planning.

Retailers who choose Inmar for store offer management benefit from our proven processing and settlement that separates store coupons from manufacturer coupons – saving time and accelerating in-lane coupon handling by eliminating “up-front” sorting by store personal.  In addition, retailer clients are provided access to Inmar’s web-based store offer management platform. This powerful online tool enables retailers to easily execute offer setup, track redemptions, monitor and evaluate offer performance and perform trending analysis.

Clients leveraging our store offer management capabilities receive:

  • Accurate and expedient processing and financial settlement for both paper and digital offers
  • Full offer set-up capability
  • Detailed reporting at multiple levels: offer, store, vendor, buyer, shipment and more
  • Invoicing and flexible reporting for local vendor promotions

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