SMART SINK®: A better solution

Easy to use solutions to securely capture unused pharmaceutical waste and render it ‘unrecoverable, non-retrievable and unusable’ ensuring discarded medications do not end up in the wrong hands or negatively impact our environment.

In compliance with regulatory guidelines, our easy to install and use products offer a better solution to disposing controlled substance waste in a sink, toilet, red sharps container or waste bin.

  • Securely capture remaining portions of controlled substance pharmaceutical waste
  • Reduce opportunities for illegal drug diversion
  • Help bring healthcare facilities into compliance
  • Protect the Environment

We understand that different areas of healthcare facilities have different needs, and have two different solutions to choose from to meet those needs.

The Cactus Smart Sink®

Renders Partially Administered Controlled Substance Waste Unrecoverable, Non-retrievable, and Unusable

  • Accepts liquids, pills, and patches.
  • Securely stores pharmaceutical waste until ready for disposal.
  • Provides audible and visual alerts to notify staff when cartridges become full or expire.
  • Assures proper disposal per regulatory guidelines.
  • After almost two years of service Scripps Health is fully compliant thanks to the Cactus product line. Our staff loves the easy disposal of medications, ease of using the unit and even the disposal of spent cartridges are easily taken care of. Overall I would strongly recommend this product to any health or medical organization that is truly concerned about compliance issues, both State and Federal. This is really a product to be used nationwide if you care about our environment.

    Michael Kessler Scripps Health

Introducing the NEW PharmaLock ® O.R. Kit

The PharmaLock® O.R. Kit provides the same great ability to render partially administered controlled substance waste “unrecoverable, non-retrievable and unusable” as the original Cactus Smart Sink®, with a more compact housing.

  • The perfect controlled substance disposal system for operating rooms and procedure rooms.
  • A compact locking system designed for liquid waste.
  • Uses the standard Cactus liquid cartridges.
  • Features an “easy-shot” access funnel to eliminate the chance for spills.
  • Perfect for hospitals, surgery centers, and anywhere drugs are dispensed and administered.
  • Conveniently sized to fit on anesthesia or nursing carts, operating and procedure rooms, nursing stations, and near drug dispensing machines.
  • Will hold up to 3.2 L of liquid waste.
  • Includes Bio-Ex antimicrobial coating.
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