ScanApps improves ROI for trade promotions.

Inmar ScanApps brings strategic discipline and immediate visibility into trade promotion execution for enhanced performance and improved effectiveness of spend. By engaging with ScanApps, brands can offer fair and equitable promotion opportunities to all retailer partners on a national, regional or by-team basis. Even as brands spend less, they can gain more, driving incremental volume at participating accounts with 100% price pass-through efficiencies. Trade dollars are spent on specified UPCs during specific time periods while spending on non-performance, forward-buy, slippage and diversion is eliminated.

Collaborating with brand and/or customer teams to develop promotions and communicate opportunities to customers, ScanApps retailer services division engages with customer teams and customers to secure participation in events. During the promotion, the ScanApps team collects and validates performance data from each participating retailer. Rapid payment is made directly to performing retailers and detailed performance data are reported to the brand. Inmar ScanApps then provides promotion results and reporting to inform post-program analysis and assessment.

Key services from ScanApps include promotion development and planning and cost/volume projection and modeling services. In addition, ScanApps can assist in the execution of:

  • Penny-for-penny price reductions
  • Incremental funding deployment
  • Feature and/or display Events
  • New item launches
  • List Price Reductions
  • Rapid Competitive Responses
  • Soft or hard conversions
  • Discontinued item markdowns
  • Inventory reductions

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