Stay compliant, efficient and maximize your return credits.

The current regulatory environment is puts pressure on pharmacies to keep up with increasing and ever-changing regulations at the federal and state level, and have processes in place to comply with these regulations, in order to avoid mistakes. In addition to this, manufacturer returns policies shift constantly, making it hard to stay current and drug costs continue to increase.

As a result, proper pharmaceutical disposal management has become a time-consuming and challenging process:

  • Some manufacturers only allow return credit for items received directly from the pharmacy.
  • Some manufacturers do not accept returns at all.
  • Individual states may have varying waste regulations.

Because the cost of errors can be very high, knowing what to do about products with special handling circumstances is critical in navigating these challenges. Now you can know with EXPIDENTIFY!

Inmar’s EXPIDENTIFY drives pharmacy revenue by maximizing pharmaceutical return credits, minimizing pharmaceutical waste transfer, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Our proprietary, web based software program features continuously updated information from manufacturers and regulators alike, assists with identifying pharmaceuticals and informing which action needs to be taken, resulting in:

  • Increased opportunity for credit recovery from product only eligible for credit through direct returns.
  • Decreased unnecessary shipping of pharmaceutical waste not eligible for manufacturer credit.
  • Compliance with pharmaceutical waste regulations with identification of products that should be managed as hazardous waste.


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