Improve reimbursement, profitability, and payer compliance.

As the largest provider of third-party pharmacy reconciliation in the United States, Inmar provides retail pharmacies a comprehensive accounting solution to record receivables, post payments and perform cash applications and GL entries.

Powered by an intuitive platform enabling retail pharmacies to efficiently manage the complexities associated with the claims and payment reconciliation process, our customers have visibility to exceptions and quickly identify opportunities for collections or operational improvement.

Customers utilize the platform to reduce write-offs and IT infrastructure costs, increase electronic remittance, improve DSO and business intelligence through enhanced reporting and visibility to their data and industry benchmarks. Clients also benefit from having one source for all accounting transactions that feed their general ledger system.

Inmar’s robust system features claims, deposits and remittance posting; manual billing services; 835 payment data retrieval and manual remittance capture; multi-point reconciliation; and long-term data archival to meet the requirements of U.S. healthcare regulations.

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