Comprehensive automated tools drive value retention, regulatory compliance and efficiency – for products that require unique handling due to any reason.

Hazardous waste is in the news frequently due to new and changing regulations, violations and fines, etc. This environment puts pressure on retailers to keep up with regulations at the federal and state level, and have processes in place to comply with these regulations, from determination and sorting through tracking and reporting, in order to avoid costly mistakes. The alternative conservative approach of disposing of products as hazardous when in doubt results has financial implications due to lost potential recovery value.

Inmar’s Rx Haz App offers a comprehensive solution for health systems, retailers and manufacturers to process pharmaceutical returns compliantly and efficiently. Our easy-to-use, minimal-footprint, sorting and handling solution drives value retention from products that cannot be returned to reclamation or are returned unnecessarily, and reduces the risk of handling hazardous product – whether product is hazardous due to federal or state regulations or requires unique handling due to expiration, damage, empty container, or any other reason.

Built to integrate directly into Inmar’s proprietary inventory management technology, Rx Haz App requires minimal training and implementation costs. It provides product identification, waste categorization and storage guidance, while facilitating reporting and records management. The system continuously tracks all returns activity, and the online portal allows instant access to reports and records you need – and is updated weekly, enabling store compliance monitoring at corporate level. The technology comes with built in regulatory updates and support from Inmar’s regulatory team’s 85+ years of hazardous materials experience, which helps mitigate risk from regulatory and non-compliance fines, and reduce internal compliance costs.

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