Reduce cost and maximize efficiency with product returns through our nationwide footprint

Leading manufacturers and retailers maximize value and minimize cost through Inmar’s facility management, physical processing of returned and recalled product, and liquidation and compliant disposition. Our physical handling solutions include:

  • Facility Management
    A national footprint of more than 30 regional reverse logistics facilities cuts the cost of moving product by cutting travel distance, reducing touches and shortening disposition time.
  • Processing Systems
    Customized systems handle conveyable and non-conveyable items as well as damaged, outdated, withdrawn and discontinued items. Our dynamic web app provides on-demand access to current and historical returns information, as well as extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Product Retrieval
    A national field force is available to clients for store or distribution center pick-up projects, such as product withdrawals and recalls.
  • Reverse-to-forward Fulfillment
    Processes to prepare returned goods of first-quality condition to be shipped to secondary markets.
  • Disposition
    Technology-aided disposition (donate, disposal, return to vendor) to physical handling such as repacking, kitting and return to stock.
  • Warehouse Storage
    Space for ongoing or event-based storage needs.
  • Transportation Management and Coordination
    Inbound or outbound, Inmar has the experience and technology to integrate with the systems of our transportation alliance partners for seamless coordination.
  • Inventory Management
    Goods are controlled by a customized locator system designed to meet the specific requirements of a reverse and reverse-to-forward solution.
  • Regulatory Compliance / Hazardous Waste Characterization

Best-In-Class Automated Hazardous Classification and Regulatory Guidance

Hazardous waste characterization of retail returns is a headache and a major risk in business as fines for noncompliance become more frequent each year. Inmar Haz App decision tree technology provides automated hazardous characterization of returned products that can be handled easily by your employees in a store or distribution center.

  • Hazardous waste classification for all inventoried products
  • Constantly updated materials database ties to item master
  • Facilitates identification, sortation and segmentation of:
    • Hazardous Rx
    • Safety Recalls
    • Date Sensitive Items
    • List One Products
  • Automated Printed Label Creation

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