Receive timely and consistent product recall notifications via email.

Healthcare product recalls can occur at any time, and communicating that recall to all affected stakeholders within the healthcare supply chain quickly is critical. Publicly available product alerts may not be delivered in a timely manner and may not be up to date. How and where can you get more timely recall information?

Inmar is proud to offer RASMAS, providing hospitals a comprehensive solution for the ever-growing problem of manufacturer recalls.

RASMAS streamlines the recall management communication process with state-of-the-art engineering techniques. Its user-friendly design makes the recall management process fast, organized, and effective. Since its inception, RASMAS has helped healthcare organizations reduce alert processing time by up to 80%.

The RASMAS solution provides timely and consistent product recall notifications, automates manual tracking processes, and offers collaborative environments for organizations in the healthcare supply chain to address product alerts and recalls.

Today, healthcare organizations use RASMAS to help reduce legal risk, improve patient safety, simplify regulatory reporting, and enhance the recall management process. Providers and suppliers can join the RASMAS community to automate product alert distribution and electronically participate in remediation activities, saving them time, money, and, most importantly, lives.


  • Aggregate recall notifications into a single source
  • Remediation through simplified workflow to final resolution and closure
  • Transparency to ensure recall policy accountability
  • Audit trail for immediate and thorough response to regulatory audits
  • Enterprise management for real-time reporting and evaluation


Patient Safety

Subscribing to an alert and recall management service like RASMAS reduces the number of days patients are exposed to potentially harmful products.

Reduced Liability

Leverage RASMAS to distribute your alerts, quarantine products quickly, and minimize your exposure to any legal liabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Utilize the RASMAS audit trail to comply with internal or external product recall regulatory inspections.

Targeted Alert Dissemination

Customize RASMAS to ensure you receive the alerts that are most important to your organization.

Recall Remediation

RASMAS simplified workflow and escalation parameters ensure the completion of documentation based on your recall policy.

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