The most comprehensive solution for hospital pharmacy logistics management


MedEx is a suite of products designed to prepare, track, secure, distribute and confirm medication deliveries.

Track it. Measure it. Prove it.

Pharmacy Challenges Today

Hospital pharmacy departments are under significant operational pressure due to a variety of legacy processes, insufficient technology and compliance mandates.

Missing Doses

Doses Lost
  • 25 missing doses per day per 100 beds
  • 400 bed hospital experiences 36,500 missing doses annually
  • Pharmacy & nursing labor
  • Wasted inventory
  • Medication event resolution

Kit Restocking

Manage Trays
  • Hundreds of kits per hospital
  • Multitude of configurations
  • Constantly used and refilled
  • Drugs distributed & tracked manually
  • Pharmacist labor to refill (30 min per tray)
  • Excess Inventory
  • Inaccurate (unsafe) configurations
  • Poor tracking information

Tracking Lapses

One of the most frequently cited compliance infractions by the Joint Commission is related to the Medication Management standard.

21% of all reported JCAHO citations are in this category

  • Medication Security and Storage
  • Delays to Administer Drug
  • Insufficient Medication Order Review
  • Uncontrolled Expiration / Lot Recalls
  • Medication Cart Control

Missing Doses Are Due to Insufficient Tracking Technology

Unfortunately, existing systems are unable to track, secure, and trace the distribution of medications from the pharmacy.  This leads to wasted materials, wasted labor, dangerous distractions, and compliance lapses.

MedEx is the most comprehensive pharmacy logistics management solution on the market.  It improves compliance, efficiency and safety of medications prepared and delivered from the pharmacy.  MedEx addresses the issues related to late, missing or divergent medication deliveries.


MedEx is a modular suite of products consisting of software and connected hardware components to control, secure and track the preparation and distribution of medications.

  • Improves patient safety by eliminating interruptions and distractions
  • Eliminates time consuming missing medication requests
  • Ensures medication chain-of-custody compliance and secures delivery
  • Provides powerful tools to implement and manage LEAN workflow processes
  • Provides visibility to medications stored in intermediate locations such as med rooms
  • Greatly enhances communication and workflow with nursing

MedEx Products

Inmar MedEx MedSafe [logo]


Medication preparation & courier chain of custody

Inmar MedEx TubeSafe [logo]


Secure pneumatic tube delivery & tracking

Inmar MedEx TraySafe [logo]


Tray & kit replenishment & tracking

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