Better manage physical inventory while saving time and money.

There are so many specifics unique to hospital pharmacies that a true professional, specializing in hospital pharmacy inventories only, offers substantial advantages. You should consider these differences and advantages when choosing your hospital pharmacy inventory company.

That’s why Inmar is proud to work with Capital Inventory, the leader in hospital physical pharmacy inventories, with over 30 years of experience focused only on the healthcare industry, serving nearly 2,000 US hospitals.

The Most Experienced Staff in the Industry

Capital Inventory team leaders have an average of 10 years’ experience working in hospital pharmacies only.

Proper Preparations in Advance Of The Inventory Day

Capital Inventory has 20 years of inside knowledge of how a pharmacy operates and the challenges pharmacy personnel face all day long. They know what questions to ask ahead of time and how to prepare your pharmacy and their team so there are no surprises.

Virtually No Involvement Needed From Your Pharmacy Staff

You and your team will not spend time researching pricing and/or product codes. Capital Inventory coordinates their staff around pharmacy day-to-day operations and takes steps to enhance the pharmacy experience, even on inventory day.

Accurate and Easy-To-Understand Report Within 10 Days

We understand there are times when you need results of the counts as fast as possible. On the same day as your inventory you will receive a flash drive of the actual counts and estimated costs. Capital Inventory will then your data back to their main office and proofs it to ensure the pricing is correct to ensure a final, accurate, easy to understand inventory report.

Multiple Report Formats Available to Meet Your Needs

We offer many report formats including alphabetical by trade or section, generic, or manufacturer. Comparison reports are also available starting with your second inventory, highlighting many variances in the inventory levels of each drug between inventory periods.

Insight Into Pharmaceutical Product Packaging Challenges

An inaccurate count of one product, followed by the wrong package price, could exponentially impact your pharmacy valuation. Capital Inventory understands the nuances of NDCs on outer packs versus inner packs. Years of experience ensures it is done right.

Pay For Your Inventory With Pending Inmar Return Credits

Understanding the constraints placed on pharmacy budgets, Inmar offers pharmacies the ability to pay the cost of the inventory service from your pending Inmar return credits. The result is no invoice, no check request and no impact to your pharmacy budget.

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