Technology-driven, industry-leading solutions to manage Rx returns

Did you know that 1-3% of total sales get returned? Or that 30% of returns have discrepancies, with an average size of 8% -12%?

With increased pressures for cost efficiency, inventory management is critical to success. Returns are a very important part of this, and having visibility to key return metrics can be used to improve the forward supply chain process.

Inmar processes returns for more than 40,000 pharmacies and 300 pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers in the U.S. and Canada. We offer comprehensive, technology-driven solutions that enable better returns management.

Better Technology makes it Easier

One-Touch Advantage® simplifies complexity and improves accuracy while enabling faster credit reconciliation. Benefits include: reductions in discrepancies, physical processing fees and the carbon footprint, elimination of count discrepancies, reduced risk of lost shipments, and improved accuracy of product identification.

Inmar clients benefit from improved credit processes with accurate trading partner identification, the ability to research customer inquiries, to manage wholesaler returns by DC, and to collaborate with individual trading partners to forecast regional dispensing demand.

Analytics and Reporting

Inmar’s Pharmaceutical Analytics Application is a business intelligence tool designed specifically to meet the information needs of the manufacturer, providing immediate access to consolidated returns and recall databases. It helps clients analyze data to determine source reduction opportunities, identify and utilize trends, RA cycle times, address variances in returns practices, analyze aging product levels, as well as measure the effectiveness of both open and closed recalls. In addition, manufacturers are able to view invoices, discrepancies among partners, shipment tracking numbers and proof of destructions. Inmar can also integrate outside data sources such as sales data, other third-party files and more.

VAWD certifiedFully Licensed Returns Facilities

Inmar has fully licensed facilities in US and Canada for handling pharmaceutical returns. US facility is VAWD certified.

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