Be prepared to reduce risk and limit exposure during recalls.

Effective risk management requires planning and strategic partnerships to manage the process. Inmar offers complete recall services for CPG and pharmaceuticals from notification to witnessed destruction. If a product recall occurs, companies can be recall confident with Inmar’s professional consulting, planning and regulatory services as well as our end-to-end recall execution services.

Inmar’s Recall Management guides companies through all the steps including recall planning, mock recalls, recall notification, recall response management, consumer call center services, recalled product return processing, effectiveness checks, product destruction, recall reimbursement and payment clearing. Recall reporting combined with business analytics offers usable data to address both the strategic needs and compliance documentation according to state and federal regulatory requirements.

Rx Recall Consulting and Planning

Recalls are low probability, high consequence situations. Pharmaceutical retailers and manufacturers must be ready to respond, with speed and fidelity of execution being paramount and advance planning and preparation essential. From audits of processes and systems to conducting mock recalls, many steps should be taken to improve preparedness for a recall event. Inmar’s recall consulting and planning services help companies become recall confident before a recall event occurs.

Identifying gaps in the recall process through auditing and executing a mock recall annually are best practices for recall risk mitigation. These practice training and evaluation events help validate that a company’s people, processes and technology are ready and that potential risk points have been identified and addressed.

With end-to-end planning and guidance from our recall professionals, brands can retain customer and consumer loyalty despite a recall event.

Rx Recall Product Management

Inmar’s intelligent event management solution in combination with our recall professionals helps guide recalling clients through all aspects of managing a recall. From the initial notification through the final product disposition, companies can be assured that their recall is being managed in a validated, quality driven, regulatory compliant environment. Inmar’s goal is to remove the complexity of conducting recalls and instill confidence that activities are being managed correctly. Recalling clients need to focus on their business NOT the recall process.

Inmar’s Recall Product Management web app provides on-demand access to current and historical recall information for managing a recall and generating standardized reports for regulatory agencies.

Flexible reporting meets the unique needs of an organization, featuring visibility to item disposition, product information by NDC and lot number, top vendors by program, and overview of year-to-date billing. Numerous time periods can be stored on a rolling period basis and information is set for access dependent upon individual function. Insight to monitor compliance of a recall at a particular store is also available.

Rx Recall Reporting and Analytics

Recall reporting goes beyond just your recall. Inmar clients can take advantage of the complete recall data repository built from hundreds of managed recalls to predict how their recall should behave. Instead of guessing if your recall is tracking as it should, Inmar can provide data that actually tells you if it is.

Regardless of a company’s size or industry, ready access to event data is critical to executing a product recall successfully and ensuring compliance at every level. Inmar’s Recall Analytics web application provides insight to all steps of the process and help identify any additional corrective action proactively to ensure you meet the regulatory expectations.

Our solution enables timely and complete reporting to the government agencies, ensures accurate reimbursement to customers, allows comprehensive compliance monitoring of notification responses and product returns, supports increased end-to-end analysis with horizontal and vertical trends, manages notification and response information, and handles multiple contacts for a single consignee. Comprehensive event data enables better post event analysis.

Inmar offers on demand capacity to handle any size recall event, a single source for all recall reporting, online access to summary and detail reporting, flexibility to handle multiple consignee types, event-level reporting, business analytics and trending information.

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