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Achieving growth in mature markets and channels has always required a deep understanding of the manufacturer-retailer-consumer relationship. Now, with the advent of both omni-channel marketing and the digitally-connected consumer, that understanding is more critical than ever. Manufacturers can turn to Inmar for help in identifying opportunities and challenges arising from these developments – and receive assistance creating “roadmaps” for capitalizing on emerging trends and addressing obstacles to growth.

At the core of Inmar’s solution matrix are custom-developed applications, models and tools that improve client performance – from concept to consumer. These industry-unique offerings include:

SuperStudy™ Grocery

The SuperStudy™ Grocery is a web-based analytics tool that delivers the most comprehensive information available on total store performance in the supermarket industry today.  The data is refreshed every year and provides visibility into the performance of every category, sub-category, and brand in the supermarket channel. Delivered via annual subscription, the SuperStudy features more than 230,000 SKUs, 80 financial measures, and profitability data across 270 categories.

The SuperStudy Grocery provides insights into how specific segments are performing at retail and provides critical financial insights that are not available from traditional syndicated data providers. Using the SuperStudy, subscribers can:

  • See adjusted gross margin and other profitability data
  • Benchmark products against the category
  • Analyze the performance of emerging categories and segments
  • Evaluate company contribution to retailer profitability
  • Examine trade spending, cash flow, and ROI across the entire store
  • Provide rationale for increased shelf space

SuperStudy™ eCommerce

The SuperStudy™ eCommerce is the industry’s most comprehensive analytics platform for online grocery shopping. The SuperStudy is delivered via annual subscription and provides actionable insights into eCommerce programs, including financial metrics, category performances, and shopper behaviors. Applications and features include:

General Learning/Financial Metrics
  • Overview of eCommerce economics
  • How orders vary by program type
  • What’s working, not working
  • How assortment impacts program success
  • Implications for the future of online grocery shopping
Category Performances
  • Insights into what’s selling online
  • Visibility into the performance of every category
  • Sales and profit benchmarks by week, order, household and unit
  • Detailed review of eCommerce Activity-Based Costs
Shopper Behaviors
  • Peek into how consumers are shopping for groceries online
  • Understanding of online shopper engagement levels
  • View into basket composition and category penetration rates by eCommerce program

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