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Did you know that the average independent pharmacy forgoes approximately $180,000 in revenue each year in claims that go unpaid? Some of this will eventually come through as late payments and the rest might be written off as bad debt. Reconciling your claims and managing your third-party receivables are crucial in today’s industry. However, independent pharmacies do not have the time, resources, or efficiencies needed to reconcile at a claim-level, and the resulting loss of revenue has a meaningful impact on operating cash flow.

A good reconciliation solution gathers 835 files and provides basic reporting so your staff can pursue collections. A best-in-class solution researches and finds missing data, helps address slow payers, identifies collectible funds, and even chases them down so your store(s) can recoup as much as possible. For pharmacies utilizing Inmar, that means recovering an additional $25,000-$30,000 avg/year. By deploying Inmar’s Cash Rx Revenue Recovery, pharmacies can gain an additional $1,400-$2,100 avg/year.

Rx Recon, our best-in-class reconciliation application was designed specifically for independent pharmacies. Our patented software-based solution automatically reconciles 100% of claims, while providing deep visibility into the information required to profitably manage an independent pharmacy.

Inmar is the largest pharmacy reconciliation provider in the U.S. and serves 25% of the market. We work with all PSAOs, switches, dispensing systems and wholesalers and can provide solutions for any combination of vendors that you have today.

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