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Self-insured employers recognize the importance of a healthier workforce. In addition to decreased absenteeism, increased production and job satisfaction in the short term, a healthier workforce also slows the rising costs of providing healthcare to their employees. Benefits programs have expanded significantly in recent years, but the majority do not engender sustained participation nor do they adequately address one of the primary factors impacting employee health: nutrition.

Inmar provides employers of all sizes with an analytically driven employee health and wellness solution focused on positively influencing the most frequent and important nutrition decisions employees are making every day; choosing the foods they buy for themselves and their families. Our health-e-basket platform delivers user-specific nutrition scoring, personalized, product level nutrition recommendations and engaging educational content accessible through an easy-to-use web portal and mobile application, enabling employees to navigate their own paths towards healthy eating for themselves and their families.

Our scoring algorithm enables employees to track the nutritional value of the items they purchase in the grocery store. The health-e-basket™ program not only enables them to measure progress as they strive to lead a healthier lifestyle, but also offers suggestions for how to eat healthier. Our product suggestions align with users’ purchase history, but highlight healthier alternatives, and are accompanied by manufacturer funded discounts, further motivating employees to choose a healthier alternative.

Recognizing that every employee has different perspectives, challenges and goals as they seek to live a healthier lifestyle, we employ targeting algorithms ensure healthier product suggestions align with categories they are currently purchasing, driving relevancy. And, our food catalog delivers robust nutritional information and guidance on more than 100,000 products, making it easy for users to learn more about products before, during and after their shipping trip.

We deliver robust reporting, capturing engagement levels of each employee segment, savings to date, and value of offers presented, and can work with employers to identify improvements in employee population health resulting from the program.


  • Impacts nutrition choices daily
  • Drives employee awareness of healthier food alternatives
  • Motivates better nutrition choices through money saving discounts on healthier alternatives
  • Impacts both the employee and the employees family
  • Simple to use, engaging website and mobile application
  • Engaging content to drive education and reinforce the importance of healthy nutrition decisions
  • Turn Key program fully managed by Inmar on employers behalf
  • Robust reporting measuring engagement and results


  • health-e-basket™ score
  • Targeted, relevant offers on healthier food alternatives
  • Hundreds of dollars of savings on healthy foods
  • Educational articles and recipes
  • Food catalog with more than 100,000 frequently purchased items across dozens of categories

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