E-returns makes e-commerce returns seamless and more cost-effective.

Inmar creates a seamless online returns process that keeps your brand in front of the customer while making the returns process easier for them and more expedient, efficient and cost-effective for you.

Enhance your customer experience and your bottom line with a comprehensive online product returns solution that addresses some of the most vexing challenges in e-commerce:

  • Speed to credit
  • Customer convenience and ease of use
  • Reduce transportation time/costs
  • Visibility into returns to gauge business impact

End-To-End E-commerce Returns Solution

For Your Shoppers

  • Enhanced customer experience with ease of use, flexibility
  • Refund speed
  • Convenient, easy customer experience feeds satisfaction and loyalty, building a foundation for continued shopping

For Your Business

  • Reduced cost, process optimization for back-end processing
  • Data capture, visibility and analytics for returns insight
  • Return-to-stock functionality tuned for productivity
  • Reallocate labor / space to core business functions

Industry-Leading Returns Technology, Analytics and Processing

Backed by Inmar’s best-in-class returns software and facility network, our E-returns solution begins a process of cost-effective shipping from your customer to the closest Inmar facility in our nationwide network, reducing your shipping or transportation costs and speeding up the return process for each product.

30 years in supply chain optimization for many of the largest retailers means you get the best guidance available from experienced supply chain professionals who specialize in returns management

  • Improve recovery and reduce costs
    Automated decision support enables consistent execution to drive returned product to its optimal outcome to boost net sales
  • Gain visibility into process, status and performance
    Data visibility enables inventory tracking, store and product performance reporting, and handling and process assessment
  • Improve vendor reimbursement and streamline return authorization
    Online vendor returns management portal automates RAs and invoicing, shortens reimbursement times requires less time and labor on process
  • Ability to sort, classify and optimize dispositions for return to stock, liquidation, donation or destruction

 Inmar Facility Network Saves You Time and Money

By utilizing Inmar’s nationwide facility network, online retailers benefit from scalable growth capacity, decreased transportation time and cost. Fewer touches in the process also means fewer miles on the road and a smaller carbon footprint for a more responsible, sustainable solution.

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