Engage shoppers. Drive sales. Grow loyalty.

Digital promotions represent a basket-building, sales-driving shopper engagement opportunity for retailers. With a load-to-card online offer portal enabled by Inmar, retailers can execute targeted outreach, enhance loyalty programming and effectively meet customer expectations of an easier, faster and smarter saving and shopping experience.

Retailers who employ Inmar’s analytics-guided load-to-card digital promotion solution can:

  • Establish one-to-one relationships with shoppers through targeted content and offer delivery based on shoppers’ actual purchase behavior.
  • Deliver more promotion content than the competition by leveraging Inmar’s web, mobile, email, and eReceipt solutions.
  • Secure more CPG marketing dollars by establishing robust, revenue-generating and brand-building promotion programs.
  • Grow average basket size by providing customers with relevant and timely content.
  • Increase shopper loyalty and engage shoppers pursuing healthier lifestyles through Inmar’s HealthyBasket program which helps and incents shoppers to make healthier purchase decisions.

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