Meet business needs while driving income.

Inmar provides retailers with a comprehensive coupon processing and settlement solution that meets business needs, unlocks promotion value and drives maximum income. Featuring best-in-class reporting and analytics and the most stringent security, our solution enables accelerated invoicing and data sharing — resulting in the fastest payment turnaround in the industry. Exacting, highly-refined one- and two-count processing procedures maximize submission of all payable coupons while minimizing the likelihood of manufacturer chargebacks.

Retailers employing Inmar’s coupon clearing solution are supported by a dedicated corps of experienced promotion and operations professionals and are equipped with a proprietary online tool that provides complete visibility into promotion program activity. With this tool, retailers can:

  • run analytics on various receivable ownership options to make effective business decisions
  • monitor shipment and store compliance
  • capture promotion insights to strengthen negotiations with vendors
  • view executive level multi-year financial and unit volume trends
  • execute extensive “drill downs” into captured data

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