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EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp. was acquired by Inmar in November 2014. Read the Press Release.

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Enhance the aesthetics, branding, cleanliness, comfort and safety of your facility

Floor mats have multiple applications in retail and service facilities. Different areas of the facility often have different needs, and mats are used throughout facilities to serve different purposes, ranging from preventing slipping, keeping areas clean and dry, increase branding, to enhancing the comfort of workers and preventing fatigue.

Inmar offers matting solutions for all of these needs and more, in our broad range of products for all applications including entrances and front and back of the house anti-slip and anti-fatigue. We work with you to understand your objectives and the needs of your facility, discuss the different options to address those and recommend the mats you need.

Our solutions include:

Scraper, Wiper, and Scraper/Wiper

Entrance floor mats help keep dirt and water at your door and also provides a safe surface to walk on that helps prevent slipping and falls. They can be used outside and indoors, as well as in other areas of your facility that can get wet. We also offer a variety of Scraper, Wiper, and Scraper/Wiper to meet your needs, including customizable printed mats to enhance branding and messaging. Choose from: Welcome Clean, Entrance Dry, Entrance Dry Modular Tiles, Welcome Print, Certigrip, and Peel & Stick.

Anti-Fatigue / Slip Resistant Mats

Ergonomic matting and flooring solutions are proven to increase worker comfort, reduce fatigue, reduce the risk of injury, lessen absenteeism, and boost productivity. The matting products that we offer can be important tools in reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Choose from: Inmar Comfort Mat, Inmar Cushion Modular Tile, Inmar Runner, Marble Comfort, Café Dry, Industrial Dry, All Purpose Comfort, and Stand-Eze.

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