Influencer Product

our product philosophy: organic content and paid media amplification work hand-in-hand.

We tap into the engaged audiences our influencers have curated, and combine that with hyper-targeted media amplification to maximize campaign results. Our proprietary, intuitive technologies support smarter campaign decisions from influencer selection to reporting.

Step One:

Influencers Create Content

Content is created by our community of thoroughly vetted influencers, all selected specifically for your unique campaign objectives. The influencers create content for any and all platforms and share their content on multiple channels to maximize organic reach. The best part? All content created for your campaign is third-party verified and backed by our brand safety guarantee!

Step Two:

Content Creates Data

Original content is published on influencer sites and social channels where organic views begin to occur. First-party, organic content performance data is collected and utilized for media targeting and amplification.

We gather the following information prior to media amplification: addressable markets, audiences for retargeting and lookalikes, audience geo/demo insights, traffic sources, referrals and exit pages.

Step Three:

Data Drives Distribution

Our AI-powered ad automation platform promotes and tests all influencer-created content to determine which pieces of content are promoted to whom — all in real time throughout the campaign. Top performing content is then promoted in target user feeds across social, in-app, or open web. These ads drive incremental users to the content.


Outside of amazing blog content, Instagram posts and YouTube videos we can also create custom solutions for your campaign needs. Our team of developers can create a custom website to house content, rebates or sweepstakes — and our in-house production studio can shoot, edit and fully produce stills and videos.

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