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Today’s shoppers expect convenient and personalized engagements in every interaction, across all touchpoints. Inmar empowers retailers and brands to seamlessly deliver meaningful, personalized experiences that delight shoppers and drive loyalty. Inmar’s Engagement Solutions combine industry-leading artificial intelligence, integrated digital tools and expertise across relevant media channels to continuously deploy smarter and more effective activations. Inmar enables you to efficiently segment audiences and execute campaigns designed to drive sales both in-store and online. 

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Delivering authentic influencer content to key audiences via their preferred social platforms is how you make your message matter -- and motivate. With our unmatched ability to reach, activate and account for engagement you can be sure that your influencer marketing is effective and cost-efficient.

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There’s no better way to build brand loyalty than through one-to-one, real-time interaction that delivers value to consumers while capturing data for you. Inmar’s conversational commerce capabilities enable personalized consumer engagement with your brand that drives success at scale.

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Without actionable insights into shopper behavior, you’re just marketing in the dark. Our shopper analytics will illuminate the marketplace, help you truly understand shopper behavior and empower you to target and engage key consumer groups across channels and media.

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Were expert at helping clients develop, execute and measure consumer promotions that drive maximum ROI across methods and channels. We know exactly how to determine the “what,” “how” and “how much” that attracts shoppers, drives redemption -- and optimizes spend.

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Consumers have gone digital and so have rebates. Our digital rebates solution provides an easy-to-submit option that guarantees a positive brand experience for consumers while elevating consumer data capture and CRM for promotion sponsors.

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Long-term, sustainable profitability is still out of reach for most online grocery retail programs. But, we're changing that. Our shopper-centric, retailer-specific approach is enhancing the e-commerce experience for grocery shoppers while optimizing a variety of internal operations for sellers in order to maximize margins and profits.

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A well-executed trade promotion is good for everyone -- trading partners and consumers alike. But, for those benefits to manifest there has to be discipline and visibility attached to the effort. Through our ScanApps solution, we bring critical validation, verification -- and value for all parties -- to trade promotions.

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Advanced Engagement

Advanced Engagement

Targeting and engaging shoppers across multiple touchpoints is how you drive sales and build loyalty. However, achieving this kind of advanced engagement requires an equally advanced level of program flexibility and customization that is extremely difficult to come by -- unless you’re leveraging Inmar’s Retail Engagement Platform.

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Targeted Media

Optimizing use of owned media is key to increasing incremental sales. With Inmar’s Targeted Media you can maximize reach, drive trips, build bigger baskets -- and generate additional revenue with strategic media monetization. And you can do it all with real-time performance measurement and attribution. 

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Digital Promotion Network

Connecting you with key retailers and targeted shoppers across the US, our Digital Promotion Network (DPN) enables strategic delivery of digital offers that motivate shoppers and move product. Inmar’s DPN features in-flight campaign controls, personalized promotions and real-time offer performance reporting so you can manage budgets and maximize marketing ROI.

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