Retail Integration and POS connectivity benefits retailers, brands and consumers

Inmar Intelligence powers digital offers and consumer payments (for cash back incentives), leveraging the integration of more than 5,000 retail POS systems nationally to help regulated brands drive incremental volume - all while providing access to campaign data to prove out promotion efforts and optimize marketing investments. 

Brands that are proactive in helping consumers find and enjoy their favorite products (or new products they’d love to try) -- and enable them to save money while doing it -- are going to see real results from their efforts. Those regulated brands that choose Inmar Intelligence to assist them with their engagement and promotions are going to win. And win big.

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Magnify offer exposure and connect consumers to your brand to heighten awareness and engagement

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Connect your brand with retailers, and nurture retail relationships, because promotional efforts from brands tied to loyalty programs means more shoppers convert through their preferred retailer.

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Move swiftly through execution to activation via Inmar Intelligence’s web portal and, with the right promotions, quickly impact incremental revenue.

At Inmar Intelligence, we’re experts in driving accelerated sales performance for regulated products -  our client base includes the top 25 adult beverage manufacturers. In just six years, Inmar has helped produce more than 40 million clips for around 4,000 promotions supporting beer, wine and spirits. These promotions have increased our clients’ sales volumes by 10-14% and helped drive sales of more than 60 million units. We can help you find the same kind of opportunity – and success.

For adult beverage brands seeking opportunities to engage consumers and extend compelling cash back offers tied to retail loyalty programs, we provide a purpose-built solution equipped with POS integration with select retailers in Inmar Intelligenc’s network. Regulated brands can finally quantify ROI because our solution marries load-to-card cash back offers with consumer loyalty accounts and provides brands with direct visibility into product sell-thru as it correlates to campaign spend.

Partner with Inmar Intelligence to initiate cash back and/or load-to-card offers today.

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