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Protect your budget and your relationships.

We’ve been a trusted full-service coupon clearing house in the US for 40 years — and have managed transactions worth billions of dollars every year, with outstanding accuracy (99.8%), transparency and an unwavering commitment to strengthening the business relationships between all those involved.

Inmar's solution protects both your financial investments and your relationships with valued retail partners. By employing sound and significant fraud identification and financial controls during all aspects of processing, we help ensure accurate and timely payments are made ONLY to legitimate submitters — in alignment with retailer payment expectations. These controls eliminate the deductions and related fees that can result from late reimbursement.

We give you the choice of employing one-count or two-count processing (one-count only for Canadian manufacturers). In the US — because of contractually defined one-count processing agreements currently in place — you can work with us to employ one-count processing with the top 50 retailers. You can choose to participate in any, or all, available one-count programs. We provide this operational flexibility so you can select the coupon processing programming that makes the most sense for your business.

Consumer relations coupons represent a great tool for managing and maintaining loyalty among consumers who have had a less-than-optimal experience with the brand. However, for all the good they do, there are some risks associated with their use; as they are typically higher-value offers, they are more attractive to counterfeiters and fraudsters. 

There are, at the same time, best practices for more secure use of these coupons and readily available options that serve the same purpose – but without the same risk. We’ve detailed those best practices, along with some security strategies for consumer relations coupons, and have identified several engagement options in a brief whitepaper that you can download here.   

brands benefit from a coupon clearing solution

As a coupon settlement client, you’ll be supported by a dedicated team of talented promotion, client service and operations professionals and be given access to Inmar’s proprietary, online coupon management tool. This robust, user-friendly platform provides detailed visibility into promotion performance and budget activity — for both paper and digital coupon promotions — and enables critical operational functionality. With this tool, U.S. manufacturers can execute a full range of promotion management functions, including:

  • Offer edit and entry
  • Pending offer workflow management
  • “What if” scenario forecasting
  • Active financial analysis and reporting
  • Deduction research 
  • Barcode generation
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In Canada, we have long-term relationships (over 50 years) with companies for both coupon processing and retail settlement, with 86% of Canadian manufacturers and 88% of Canadian retailers as clients. Our experience and attention to detail ensure accurate payments to retailers for the coupons they've submitted.

Our proprietary online tool provides:

  • Offer edit and entry
  • Pending offer access hierarchies
  • "What if" scenario forecasting
  • Barcode generation
  • Redemption data for offers by month
  • Special Liability Reports
  • Customizable reports on redemption activity

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